Soviet Moon

As I was walking home this evening from the grocery store in my neighbourhood, I was stopped in the street by a woman who stood motionless as I approached her, staring into the piece of sky hung above the neon lights of the dollar store. I was listening to music and removed my headphones to see what she wanted. Initially, albeit unfortunately, I thought she may be stopping me to ask for change, as we are programmed to think in these situations which occur in neighbourhoods deemed economically divided. Directed by an arched finger, she gestured to where her gaze previously lay, in the air above a wavering green and yellow neon light, through the softly falling snow, to a newly observable crescent moon. 

We stood together for a moment, watching the moon. I ventured that it looked like a Soviet moon, which I suppose could be any variant of a crescent moon, and then smiled. 

She turned to me and said, "It's so beautiful, I just needed to show it to someone".